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Plantation Tour Oak AlleyThe beautiful Oak Alley Plantation Tour is located on the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Movies such as Interview with a Vampire and Midnight Bayou were filmed there.

At the time Oak Alley was built, the River Region sugar industry was flourishing, and a chain of stately plantation homes lined the banks of the Mississippi. Too many of these since have been devoured by the passage of time, exposure to the elements and mankind’s struggle to move on, but Oak Alley remains as a testimonial to the old South’s golden age. There is a simple authenticity about her grandeur that reassures and frees the mind to contemplate and appreciate all facets of her existence. She offers the enchantment of one way of life without compromising the significance of another. Here indeed is something for everyone.

Plantation Tour Laura PlantationLaura Plantation offers a fascinating world of the creoles who at this historic site lived charmed and tragic lives. Both plantations relay the historic beauty of Louisiana and the memories of age old creole traditions.

In 1936, Laura Locoul Gore completed an eye-witness account of life on a Creole Louisiana sugarcane farm named after her: “Laura Plantation.”

Her manuscript, only recently discovered in St. Louis, Missouri, details the daily life and major events of the inhabitants, both free and enslaved, of the plantation that she and her maternal forebears ran. Laura’s writings offer an insider’s perspective into a Creole household, spanning four generations of love and greed, pride and betrayal, heroism and pettiness, violence and excess. And, her words are also an explanation to her children as to why she rejected the traditional confines of Louisiana’s Creole world to become a modern American of the 20th Century.

Plantation Tour DETAILS

Plantation Tour will consist of a walking tour at the famous Laura or Oak Alley Plantations.

Tour Time:
8:30 am
Tickets: $65.00 per person